Shipping & Refund

Our Shipping Policiy:

Shipping is Free Worldwide.

Shipping is usually between 4-15 days within the US and 15-30 days outside of the US, if you have not yet received the item within 40 days we will issue a refund or send another one.

 See our refund policy for more details on refunds.


Our Returns and Refund Policy:

We will review returns and accept upon presentation of sufficient evidence of the following;  

- Visible damage to the product on arrival.

- Product doesn't match the product description.

- Product is faulty/defective. 

- If the product doesn't arrive within 40 days. 

 (Refunds work on a 14 day notice, please raise the query before the end of 14 days from the order being delivered.)

Refunds will be processed within 3-5 days.

Any Queries about any of this or anything you feel isn't included, please get in touch via; and we will respond within 24hrs.