Muscle Toner

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Electronic Muscle Stimulator E-Stim, to build the muscle you have always wanted, perfect for Home Fitness as it helps tone, tighten and firm your muscles.

Stick the Tens Unit Pads to abs, biceps, butt and workout from your sofa.

Electrotherapy/Electrostimulation is a way of activating your muscles without having to exercise the traditional way and get aches eliminating aches and pains in other parts of the body.



Start your fitness journey now with Speedy Free Delivery.

A product perfect for a summer stuck indoors. 

15-20 minutes a day can see noticeable improvement within 4 weeks.

Skin Friendly and Pain Free. 



- Power Source: 2x AAA Batteries (Not inc)

- Color: Black and White / Black and Orange

Perfect for busy parents

Can't get to the gym? You will stimulate all your major abdominal muscles at the same time. The product does the work for you. No form or anything involved. Use whilst watching TV, doing household chores and be in love with your body once again


EMS training has been used by top athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and  Usain Bolt.


A message from our founders;

"When you do exercises such as sit-ups the traditional way, you may feel pain in other parts of your body, sweating all over too. With our products, you target the muscles you want to improve and avoid unnecessary pain elsewhere!" 


The Science Behind our Product: 

Small and of course safe electrical pulses are passed through your muscles at different intervals. (Hence their name Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS). 

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